In spite of the complication of Lyme and its associated infections Lyme disease can be completely eradicated from the body.... The cause of Lyme disease was discovered over thirty years ago. Since then the cause has always remained the same. Now, for the ill in search to free themselves of the infections, the whole "industry"  that has grown all around Lyme disease makes it much, much more difficult to quickly find their way out of the infections...
Cutting through the chase..
This web site was originally created for those of neuroborreliosis to find their way out of the maze more easily. In time these pages expanded to help those of many symptoms, whether zoonotic or other..
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Welcome!I suggest you click on each of the following links. It will lead you to information with greater ease. 

1.For those new to learning about Lyme disease start here

2.For those who are ready to determine if they do have Lyme disease go here.

3.For those ready to take action starting today Here you go!

4.For those wanting to enter the Eradication Process.Enter here

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6.For those entering the Healing and Recovery process.Here.

Information to give to someone who has no computer.
Basics  to  find the way out of  Lyme disease and some of the other common zoonotic infections..
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If you are just now discovering you may, or have, Lyme disease....DO NOT PANIC!  Just keep on reading the 1, 2,  3, and 4 above and it will guide you in your research. 
Or ,
If you suspect you have Lyme see here for a quick way to begin eradicating your "no name" protozoa, bacteria, most viruses, Rickettsia, Candida, other fungus, spirochetes and their cyst form. 

Saying this strongly: The less time the spirochetes and most coinfections live in your body the less damage they will inflict. This is not a disease to lounge around in!!! 

(in the infections)
Goal becomes to quickly go into the 
Eradication process
Once all infections have been eradicated 
the body can now begin the 
Healing and Recovery process
taking an average of one year, more or less.

 ~ Take what you want and leave the rest! ~
In spring of  2013, I completely eradicated the entire source of my 15 years in illness. 
A tick had left me Mycoplasma F., Bartonella H.,  the Lyme  Bb spirochetes, 2 Ricketssia's, 2 viruses, Babesia, worms, Fungus  Apergillosis, and two types of Candida fungus and maybe more. I had lived 10 years in unknown "all in my head" disease. After Internet research finally resulted in something that fit. 3 or 4 lab tests followed for Bb that all returned negative.Then had a clinical diagnose. Couldn't afford going out of country for expensive treatment and could not even find my way across my city without getting lost so started natural treatment locally. Tried around five types of eradicating agents, or more. It  took me 5 years to find my way out of the source of the illness. If I could eradicate all these infections after 15 years, so can you!!
Migrating birds
have been found to carry the Bb bacteria to ticks, as well as to be carrier's of infected ticks.  Therefore, people and their pets can be infected with Lyme Disease anywhere in Alberta, the Northwest territories, throughout Canada, or anywhere else in the world where migrating birds fly. Yet, beware! There are still governments, medical authorities, and medical doctors who continue to proclaim and insist that it is impossible to get infected with the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria in Canada!
Investigation of Genotypes of Borrelia burgdorferi in Ixodes scapularis Ticks Collected during Surveillance in Canada
Believing that it impossible 
to get infected with Lyme Disease in your area is detrimental to your good health!

Everyone needs to know this, because the day the spirochetes enter a host body it becomes their world to live in and propagate in. When they enter your body, if they are not destroyed immediately, they will set up camp and claim your body for themselves and all their future generations. 

You will no longer own 
your healthy body.
and ...
they will go on to also 
 swallow your income, mince your relationships, and alter your personality.

Lyme infected people know, all too well, that it is IMPOSSIBLE to explain their so big and so bizarre symptoms with just a few simple words, in just a few rushed minutes...  most especially to a medical doctor, or to friends, who suspect you have suddenly turned into a hypochondriac and/or when your thinking, short term memory or word finding suddenly slips away from you.

This web site was originally created 
in 2009 especially for those of 
Today it is also for those of neuro Babesia or toxicty or brain fog.

All content on this web site has been composed by Louise Jenner, Lyme literate Coach. All information is taken from her experiences, her research, her studies, and common knowledge. It is written in simplified form for easy knowledge aquirement by the sick so they can free themselves of the infections in least time possible.

Any suggestions within the pages are examples only. See your own Health Care Practitioner for your professional and personal advice.
My shared information, in simple and consecutive form, is for making the sick's life easier. It is not to be copied or republished on other websites, blogs, or forums!

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